Friday, August 29, 2008

First week of Classes -- I'm already behind in my homework!

Yea, that's right I am behind already...but this being Labor Day weekend means no classes or work on Monday! So I will have the whole day to myself! That means I don't have to get dressed--it's a jammies only day--my version of "casual" whatever day at work! So I don't answer the phone and just kick back and turn the stereo up and read!

So far I need to hit the highlights of Aristotle's Poetics and Plato's Republic add in some Baudelaire's The Painter of Modern Life and what could be better? Just a tall cold diet coke and I'm happy!

But on a more serious side I have papers to plan and to start working on the outlines, thesis statements to construct, quotes to find, all sorts of academic busy work that needs to be accomplished prior to the sitting down and writing a thoughtful and articulate paper!

Genius at work.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Light bulbs

Have you ever noticed that light bulbs burn out in the most inconvenient times? I am usually trying to write or cook and the bulb will blow. Leaving me in the dark. I am an older person and I don't like crawling up on ladders or in my case a folding chair to change the bulbs. So I put it off as long as possible. That could leave me feeling my way down the halls and showering in the dark.

Recently I had both of the kitchen lights and both of the hall way lights go out on me. I kept putting off dragging out the fold chair and the climb up to replace the bulbs. Shall we just say cooking in the dark in not a good thing! Food always looks darker or more burned than you really want. So finally I broke down and changed the bulbs and of course when you get up there the shades over the lights are encrusted with little creatures that flew into the light and perished! That makes for another trip up and down the chair to wash the covers and replace those. If it wasn't for those pesky bulbs burning out I can't imagine just how bad those shades would really be! Because I would never, even in my most fastidious days, would think of cleaning the shades. Okay, once every semester I do remember to dust the furniture the rest of the time I just call that stuff "a protective coating" on my furniture that filters out all harmful UV rays and such.

Another added benefit to not immediately changing burned out light bulbs is that one does not see the dust on the furniture or how bad the carpets need to be vacuumed! As it turns out burned out light bulbs are a GOOD THING!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Classes begins next Monday(25th), so I made the trek up to the university bookstore to make my purchase of a great notebook in which I plan on recording many great and important things! These mostly will be coming from my professors but hopefully I will be able to contribute to the compilation.

Each and every new semester I make a plan to keep up on my readings and take copious notes during my reading as to record my thoughts during the reading of the texts. And each semester I fail miserably about the fifth week.

I will be posting a listing of my books and the class titles I will be taking this semester also noting interesting and important things I have learned from my readings.