Tuesday, December 23, 2008

So here I sit it has been nearly two months since I heard the words “total bilateral knee replacement.” Okay reality tells me that this was to be expected: Since the 1992 auto-pedestrian accident I was involved in. I was lucky then as to not need any kind of knee surgeries. So now 16 plus years later I am stunned when I here the doctors diagnosis. So for the last two months I have been awaiting my appointment with the surgeon and I still have 23 more days.
With the falling snow I have given up most of my outside activities they are now consisting of grocery shopping using the motorized carts and going to the library to pick up more videos to watch. I have become adept at the use of my cane for all sorts of other things breaking my way into the closing elevator doors, I can hook things with the handle, and most favorite thing is my cane has become a toy for one of my little friends, Theo. He likes the strap that is supposed to go around your wrist so you never drop it. Unfortunately I have yet to learn to use the strap and I continually have to bend over to pick my cane up! So here I sit just another snowy day and once again I skipped the getting dresses thing! I rather be in my nightgown any way and no one sees me so what does it matter? And there is nothing you can’t do in your jammies that you can do in clothes…alright go outside…even then I will on occasion take my trash out to the garbage can in my robe and slippers. I don’t travel off the back porch so I have told myself that is acceptable!
Today I have been working on cleaning and organizing my house and today was the day I decided to change my bedding and that has been an all day project: Striping the bed and getting flannel sheets out and putting on a new feather bed cover and my flannel duvet on has taken most of the day. I have been clumping up and down the stairs to put things in the washer and then ironing them. I also ironed the decorative shower curtain for my bathroom. That got the cleaning yesterday. And also my demise almost occurred….it happened when using a spray on tub and shower cleaner and then I began scrubbing the shower wall and realized that my eyes were burning! I had not properly rinsed the sponge I was now using and I got a chemical reaction! I ripped open the bathroom window just in the nick of time! I took a serious time out after that and to catch my breath. But the tub and shower is really clean!
I have got my banana nut bread just out of the oven and I am hoping to make at least one batch of divinity tonight still but we’ll see. It seems that every time I make divinity I eat more than I can package up to give away as Christmas presents. So I am going to try to be good and not eat much as I have been loosing weight this last year 19 pounds and I hope to continue.
Merry Christmas to all!